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That’s okay, we’re new here. We set out to make hiring easier around a year ago and have since seen fantastic results.


HospoHire is a hospitality based applicant assessment platform. In other words, we make hiring easier for hospitaiity groups. We use technology to destress the hiring process and deliver quality outcomes for venues. Our tool takes a data pool of applicants and immediately highlights the most compatible candidates.

Meet Our Team!

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Digital marketing analyst

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Business Analyst

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Marketing and communications specialist

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Digital marketing specialist

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Full-stack developer

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What Our Clients Say!

HospoHire has saved so much time in our recruitment process, and removed a lot of the more tedious tasks. It has delivered a quality selection of candidates we chose to hire, and have retained 100% of trialled candidates as staff. They are easy to deal with, and Tom was incredibly attentive to our need and diligent to take action. I will be using HospoHire for all our recruitment from now on!

The Easey Group Phil Martin - Director
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HospoHire was a huge help in the latest round of recruitment for Standing Room. We were able to push a lot of enquires (in-store and online) to the service and this allowed us to efficient filter who we followed up with for interviews. We are definitely keen to incorporate HospoHire into our next recruitment round and are keen to see what features they add over the next few months.

Standing Room Coffee Thomas Kelly - Founder
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Working with HospoHire has been an absolute pleasure. They have been a fantastic organisation to communicate with and we have never been through such an easy on boarding process. They really do offer a bespoke product and have a unique personal touch.

Peter Rowland Group Peter Rowland, Chair of the Peter Rowland Group
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