When it comes to workplace culture, recruiting someone whose values align with that of your organisation’s undoubtedly results in better performance, satisfaction, and engagement (Mitchell 2019).

Stating the obvious? We know this, right?

What is less understood are the specific types of questions you should be asking that enable you to gauge how well the candidate’s personality aligns with your organisation’s culture.

“When an employee’s values are aligned with the company’s, the organization’s brand comes to life in the behavior and actions of the employee” – (Falcone & Hoevemyer 2018).

The interview process ultimately provides an integral opportunity for venues to establish whether someone is likely to align with the culture of the organisation.

Research also shows that behavioural questions are the most important tools venues can use to assess organisational fit because they provide insight into the candidate’s past behaviour, which is generally a good indicator of future behaviour (Falcone & Hoevemyer 2018).

With this in mind, what questions are likely to provide you with the best insight into a candidate’s personality? Moreover, how do you assess whether the responses to the questions you ask align with your organisation’s culture?

The questions that you should be asking
HospoHire’s research has found that the questions you ask do not need to be complex in order to understand a candidate’s personality fit, with simple, culture-based questions generally being sufficient.

‘What gets you up in the morning?’
At first, this question may seem trivial but as recruitment giant Chandler Macleod claim, having knowledge of what motivates and excites people enables you to understand their values. Do these values align with your organisation’s? How a candidate answers this question and whether they tie it to career goals is also helpful at gauging their level of ambition and what drives them.

‘Describe an accomplishment of your own that makes you very proud and why it’s so significant to you?’
Owner and CEO of MyCorporation, Deborah Sweeney, has stated that this question is a good prompt for further questions and enables a candidate to sell themselves in a non-generic way. By doing this it enables the interviewer to gauge the candidate’s values and what accomplishments they regard as important within the workplace.

‘What’s your favourite restaurant or bar?’
This question is very useful to understanding the type of culture or ‘scene’ that resonates with the candidate. It also prompts further questions related to what the candidate values in the hospitality industry – i.e. features that make a good venue versus those that make a bad venue.

By the candidate listing their favourite venue this enables the interviewer(s) to assess how closely the cultures of both organisation’s align. For instance, are these cultures similar or not? If they are, does that mean the candidate would be a good fit for your organisation?

‘Who is your role model and why?’
This question serves as an indirect way to gauge a candidate’s personality and values, what inspires and motivates them. What is it about the role model that inspires and motivates the candidate? Do the characteristics of the candidate’s role model align with your organisation’s culture?

While in no way an exhaustive list, these four questions are guaranteed to facilitate a broad and rich insight into a candidate’s personality as well provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when selecting the person who best aligns with your organisation’s culture.

Wondering how to incorporate these questions into the interview process or unsure of how to go about conducting an effective interview? No stress! HospoHire have researched and developed a template that may prove very useful.

Find the template here – Hospitality Interview Template