Why HospoHire?

Fastest time to hire

Highest quality staff

Long term retention

Let us take the burden of hiring from you. We take all of the pain of the hiring process off your hands by identifying candidates that are the best fit for your venue. 

Through formulating our hospitality aptitude tests alongside top industry professionals, we have been able to ensure that the highest quality staff are identified from any existing talent pool.

Through analysing culture and our retention seeking algorithms, we find the applicant with the highest likelihood of long term retention.


Our Process

Applicant Pool

Extensive Testing

Screening Process

Informed Employers

  • You can register right here, online
  • We hire based on compatibility, not resume
  • Easy and simple layout
  • No more lost resumes!
  • Hospitality specific tests
  • Hospitality culture tests
  • Coffee knowledge tests
  • F&B knowledge tests
  • Customer service tests
  • Video review functionality
  • References get verified
  • We select the best candidate for employers
  • Decreases employer time to hire
  • Increases retention, lowers risk
  • The perfect staff for the job, guaranteed!

Do you need long term staff for your team now?

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