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Hospitality applicant assessment platform

We provide an online applicant assessment system built for the hospitality industry.

The system is an online screening platform that allows hirers to quickly and efficiently assess job applicants to ensure that venues get clear insight into who they are hiring.

The system streamlines hiring and removes hiring inefficiencies by automating the screening process.


  • Faster hiring speed
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Richer applicant insight

Hospitality end to end recruitment

Tap into our “ready-to-go” talent pool of validated and verified candidates appropriate for any hospitality role.

All candidates have undergone rigorous testing and are ready to be sent to venues by the next day for long term staffing solutions.

Are you looking to increase your headcount? Access highly talented staff for long term solutions.

No time spent sifting through applications or money spent on advertising.

Hospitality recruitment consulting service

Need a general overview or review of your current hospitality staffing process?

We afford venues piece of mind and gained efficiencies through our analysis of current recruitment process.