Faster time to hire.
Highest quality staff.
Long term retention.

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Our Vision

We believe the hospitality industry deserves the best when it comes to the hiring process, so why is it currently so outdated?

We know just how much of a slog it is to go through the hiring process, It’s inconvenient and inefficient.

Let’s take a progressive and innovative approach to achieving better, measurable results for the hospitality industry. 

Hire based on the most compatible employee, not a resume. 

Our Process

Your Applicant Pool

  • All applicants online
  • You select preferences 
  • One centralised location
  • Easy and simple layout
  • Never lose another resume 


  • Hospitality specific tests
  • Hospitality culture test 
  • Coffee knowledge tests 
  • F&B Knowledge tests 
  • Customer service tests 
  • Video interview
  • References verified
Informed Choice
  • We select best candidate
  • Decrease your time to hire
  • Increased retention
  • Lowered risk 
  • Quality staff guarentee

Why HospoHire?

Fastest time to hire

Let us take the burden of hiring from you. We take all of the pain of the hiring process off your hands by identifying candidates that are the best fit for your venue. 

Highest quality staff

Through formulating our hospitality aptitude tests alongside top industry professionals we have been able to ensure that the highest quality staff are identified from any existing talent pool.

Long term retention

Through analyzing culture and our retention seeking algorithms, we find the applicant with the highest likelihood of long term retention.

Our Team

Tommy McAll

Tom founded HospoHire after realising a significant pain with sorting and filtering people attending job interviews at his beloved Easey’s bar in Melbourne. Tom has worked in Hospitality over a 10 year period and has a deep love for the industry.

Tom’s inspiration is his family, his favorite food is Italian and on the weekends he likes to get out and visit venues.

Digital marketing analyst

Adi manages the HospoHire website and digital marketing side of things - including Google Analytics.

Always down for a road trip in his spare time, Adi was was a part of this motorcycle rider's club (back in India) with whom he extensively traveled across southern side of the country. He is also into console gaming - just as a hobby and having a fun time with friends.

Business Analyst

A master’s degree holder in Information technology, Zilar has had a very versatile career involving photography, art, team management, and now I.T.
She said that HospoHire is totally different from other company she has worked for - "Everyone is quite industrious, professional but also chill."

Zilar appreciates good movies, TV shows, animation, plus she is a great cook.

Marketing and communications specialist

Jack coordinates HospoHire’s online marketing and social media content. On the weekends he either works to provide support services to children with disabilities and mental illnesses or is out and about soaking up Melbourne's eclectic night life.

Full-stack developer

Eric is a Full-Stack Developer based in HospoHire's tech team. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball with friends and watching Formula 1 racing. His favourite cuisine is steak hotpot-style. Eric cites his dad as his role model.

Digital marketing specialist

Hayley has worked with HospoHire for over a year managing its digital marketing efforts.

She loves dogs and photos of dogs! She is a Rupaul's Drag Race super-fan and you can find her on the couch watching drag race with her dog!


Grace is a developer at HospoHire. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, watching TV and movie dramas. Her favourite food is Korean fried chicken and salted egg yolk snacks. She cites Emma Watson as her idol.


Morris is a developer at HospoHire. Over the weekend he unwinds by watching Esport matches and playing basketball. He loves a good hot pot and cites footballer Luis Suarez as his role model.


Bojian is a developer intern at HospoHire. Over the weekend he like to play video games, watch movies and TV series. He relishes a good BBQ and cites Rick Sanchez, from the animated television series Rick and Morty, as his role model.

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